General Incorporated Association
Japanese Caregiving Learning Group(Nihongo de kaigo kyoikukai)

Registered Support Organization:NO:19登-000458

Head Office
Address 39-2-4 Fudomae Utsunomiya Tochigi 320-0833 Japan
Address Inside Utsunomiya Machidukuricenter 7-9-5 Motoimaizumi Utsunomiya Tochigi 321-0932 Japan
Phone +81 28-348-3770 or +81 90-2630-6630
Gmail nkk.nihongo@gmail.com
Executive director TOMOKO HASEGAWA

History of Establishment

Date of establishment: 10/April/2018

Formerly the NPO Human-net(Chikyujin-net:2004-2018),the company has succeeded over 14years in the learning and employment activities for foreingners in the field of nursing care.

Through gained experiences and cultivated knowledge,it can be further utilized in dealing with a growing number of foreign workers in the furture.

With that,the resident status demands a wide range of technical support.

This business/company aims for japanese and foreingners to live together with mutual understanding and respect for each and other.

History / Development (April 2018~)

・Consultation and assistance in general,living,work,study,acquisition and renewal of status of residence etc,for foreign residents.

・Consultation and learning support for EPA careworker candidates and Technical intern trainees.

・EPA:Economic Partnership Agreement between Philippines , Vietnam and Indonesia .


・Provide various consultation and support for daily living and work,marriage,childbirth,childcare etc.

・Implementation of intensive learning prior to national examination(the end of sunday of january each year) for EPA careworkers.

・Learning support for technical interns and specific skills candidates.

・Technical intern trainees  are Vietnam,Indonesia ,Cambodia and others.

・Preparation of teaching materials for foreigners

Contents of Activity

・Support for foreign residents(Permanent residet,with japanese spouse,etc)

・Japanese language,vorious measures for acquisition of a qualification etc.

・Various training course,employment briefing sessions,preparation and distribution of teaching materials.

・Promoting cultural exchange within community.

・Assistance for foreigners working at the caregiving workplaces.

・Assistance for foreigners who wish to work at the caregiving workplace in term of employment,study/learning,general/living.

・Application and renewal of status of residence.

・In learning support.We provide assistance language and obtaining the national qualification.

・Create a co-existance environment with the people living in the community.

・Cultural exchange.

Introduction of original teaching materials

・October 2018First Issue / May 2020 second Issue

「Grammer and Vocabulary used at the caregiving Workplace-Tochigi edition」


・December 2018 First Issue / May 2020 second Issue

「Learning Caregiving terms for the first time」


・March 2010 issue

「First Edition Book:Japanese Caregiving」