Employment and Learning for foreigners


General Incorporated Association

Nihongo de Kaigo Kyoikukai

The aspect ofCulturalExchange
with Foreign Residents

The aspect of Learning Support
・For foreign Residents
・For Technical Interns
・For Specific Skills Candidates
・For EPA   CareworkerCandidates

Filipino Care Workers/Japanese Caregiving Facility Visitation and Volunteer Training

Japanese Language Instruction at a Caregiver Training School in Philippines

Japanes Caregiving Facility Staffs visit at the Caregiving Training School in the Pfilippines and the interaction with the enrolled students

Caregiving Facility Inspection and Orientation


Cultural Exchange
EPA Care worker Candidate Class Session
Potluck Party

      Foreigners at the Caregiving Class

EPA Class Session

Caregiving FacilityVisitation of Foreigners
EPA Hosting Facility Meeting
Caregiving Internship

Japanese Class at CHP

Caregiving Facility Staffs
Visitation at CHP Philippines

Multicultural Understanding For
caregiving Facility Personnel