Employment and Learning for foreigners


General Incorporated Association

Nihongo de Kaigo Kyoikukai

■Specific Skills

Contents of Activity

Genaral Incorporated Association

Japanes Caregiving  Learning Group

(Nihongo de Kaigo Kyoikukai)

Support for Foreign Residents
(Permanent residency,Long term Resident,with japanese supouses,etc.)

Provide assistance in General Living,
Employment,Learning(Japanese Language,
Various Measures for Acquisition of a
qualification,etc.)Application and Renewal
of status of Residence for Foreign

Various Training Courses,Employment
Briefing Sessions,Preparation and
Distribution of Teaching Maaterials.
Promoting Cultural Exchange within

Assistance for Foreigners working at the Caregiving Workplace

Assistance for foreigners who wish to
work at the caregiving workplace in terms of
Employment,Study/Learning,General Living,
Application and Renewal of Status of
In Learning Support,we provide
assistance in Japanese Language and
obtaining the national qualification.       

Create a co-existance envirionment with
the people living in the community.       
Cultual Exchange etc.