Employment and Learning for foreigners


General Incorporated Association

Nihongo de Kaigo Kyoikukai


General Incorporated Association

Japanese Caregiving learning group

(Nihongo de Kaigo Kyoikukai)

Date of establishment:10/April/2018

Consultation and Assistance Genaral,Living,Work,Study,acquisitionofstatus of residence etc. for foreign residents.

Consultation and Learning Support for EPA Care Worker Candidates.

・April 2018〜 Learning Support for EPA Filipino Carework Candidates

April 2018〜 LearningSupport for EPA VietnameCarework Candidates

(Provide various Consultation and support for Daily living and Work,Marriage,Childbirth,Childcare etc.

Implementation of intensive Learning Prior to NationalExaminationfor EPA Carework Candidates

Learning Support for Caregiving technical interns and specificSkillsCandidates

Preparation of Teaching Materials for Foreigners

@Grammar and Vocabulary Used at the Caregiving Workplace-Endorsement-Tochigi Edition

A<Japanese Caregiving>-Learn Caregiving Terms at the First Time
  Free Distribution for 100 first Edition

Tochigi prefecture EPA Carework Candidates AcceptingFacilitiesRound-table Discussion(4th〜)

NPO(Non Profit Organization)Chikyujin-Net

November 2004〜March 2018

Provides assistance and consultation in Genaral Living,Employment,Learning/Study, and the Acquisition and Renewal of StatusofResidence for Foreign Residents

◇Introduction of Learning Support◇

<Japanese Caregiving> Classroom Setting

Second-Class Helper Training Course,Conduct Training course for Beginners

Conduct Teacher Training Course for Caregiving

Preparation of Teaching Materials for Foreigners

<Japanese Caregiving >-First Edition 200books -distribution finished

Consultation and Learning Support for EPA Care Work Candidates

・2009〜March 2018 Learning Support for EPA Filipino CareWorkCandidates

・2015〜March 2018 Learning Support for EPA Vietnamese CareWorkCandidates         

(Provide various Consultation and Support for Daily Living and Work,Marriage,childbirth,childcare etc.)

Tochigi prefecture EPA Care Work Candidates AcceptingFacilitiesRoundtable Discussion(First〜Third)